– S&P 500:  1525

– Notre Dame will win an NCAA Football title for the first time since 1988

– All three interim bloggers will surpass the 3% threshold.

– It pains me greatly, but the Patriots are going to beat the Packers in the Super Bowl.

– Price by Volume will play a significant role in the continued evolution of my trading strategy.

– NBA: Memphis over Miami

– Surprise Industry Outperformance: Automobile Manufacturers, with a trickle down through ancillary companies.

– NHL: GO FUCK YOURSELVES; or, please have a season, thanks.

– I will make three really fucking stupid trades.

– The Pittsburgh Pirates will find a way to end 20 years of losing.

– Maintaining this blog will dramatically improve my trading performance.

– I will develop a few new and meaningful relationships with readers of this blog.

– The citizens of Washington and Colorado will prove what a ridiculously fucking stupid waste of time and money the previous 75 years of cannabis prohibition have been.

Here’s to Two Thousand and Thirteen.


7 Responses to “MMXIII”

  1. Agree with the auto prediction. Don’t see ND beating Bama though.

    • I tweeted back in November that, if they played, I thought Alabama would beat ND 45-3. Then I watched a few more Notre Dame games. They just hang around and find a way in the end. I think they are going to do it yet again.

  2. happy new year.

    heat > all in finals, by the way

    • Thanks, you too. Congrats on the WNR!

      It’s tough to go against Miami…but I think Memphis has the team that could do it. Tony Allen would likely be able to jam up Wade and they have the size inside to combat James at the 4. Conley is probably (a lot) better than anyone Miami has at the point and I think Gasol can eat Bosh alive on the offensive end.

      The West is awesome to watch this year though. OKC, Memphis, Clippers, Spurs, Warriors. Fun stuff.

  3. Can I be your best friend on this blog. Thanks in advance.

    Enjoyed your posts last year and looking forward to the new ones.

  4. Nice list eliza, quite a ballsy prediction picking Memphis would loveeeeee to see this happen. GL this year m8

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