Thanks to “The Fly” and the iBC staff for giving me a platform to share my work.

Congratulations to Rhino and Raul, I have no doubt that you guys will be a great addition to iBC.

Thanks to those who have continued to read my material, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to entertain my thoughts.

Hope everyone has a great holiday.


10 Responses to “Thanks”

  1. Well played EM. Keep doing what you’re doing as your content benefits these halls.

  2. Thank you for the congrats, running head-to-head was too close I had to stop watching and put my stop loss in so I could sleep.

  3. Good campaign.

    It’s hard to beat someone who eats monkey brains head to head.

  4. Don’t give up the fight. There will be more elections. You will have my next endorsement.

    Good work the past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed your posts.

  5. Keep blogging, the fizzle will wear thin and readers will starved for content soon

  6. Oh Shit. You are a dude. Mea Culpa. I thought you were too articulate to be a guy and the name and the pink avatar. What male civil engineer writes this well? None that I know. Best of Luck to you and sorry for the misunderstanding.

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