While Cleaning Out Campaign HQ…


Well…after bearing witness to the results of the pre-poll taken yesterday amongst the readers of iBankCoin, as “they” say: “the writing is on the wall”.

My staff and I finished our nightly meal of canned beans ’round the flaming barrel of trash, at which point I thanked them for their effort and energy then made the executive decision to wrap up proceedings and send my loyal, yet dejected compatriots home. Knowing that I gave it my best, yet am likely to come up short, I needed some time, alone, to soak in this experience.

While sweeping up the discarded cigarette butts and empty cans of “Natural Light” (campaign HQ is in the heart of coal country, I had to take any help I could get), I came across a jewel case with a single CD inside, marked only with: “2012”.

Curious, I popped the disc into my Compaq’s CD-ROM.

Quite honestly, I have no fucking clue what they were going for here, but since it turned up, I figured I would share it with you, good people of the internet.  Ultimately, I suppose that we can file this under “nostalgia from the 2012 iBC Tabbed Blogger Election”.


10 Responses to “While Cleaning Out Campaign HQ…”

  1. You could have had a spot but you had to leave it up to the people.

  2. Hang tough.
    Polls meen nothing. The polls had Romney even, Thomas Dewy as a winner over Truman, and the new Coke as a smash pre-intro hit over Coke Classic.

  3. BRAVEFLAPS, Scourge of the Longshanks

    At least you will always have a teenage fan club.

  4. it aint over yet.now that chuck has conceded,on an official basis.you have my vote.or i should say half a vote,since being banned and all.

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