“ElizaMae”‘s iBC Tabbed Blogger Official Endorsement


Carrie Underwood, Miller High Life, in bed shitting with diarrhea?

The real question I pose to iBC is: What CAN’T this guy MAXIMUS do?

At this point it makes no sense for me to vacate this race, but I am on the verge of throwing my full support behind this great man MAXIMUS (just let that name sink in for a moment, it’s tough to be better than MAXIUM anything)…he is clearly head-and-shoulders above the competition.

Just harken back to his timeless posts on his one-of-a-kind trading strategy.

Wait one moment.

Ah, I’m now receiving word that those posts don’t exist, and, in fact, he has posted absolutely nothing of substance whatsoever.  No bother, much like the 2012 Presidential election, this election is about “hope” and “promise of a better future”.

Who better to lead us and our money through these tumultuous times than someone who has absolutely no credibility whatsoever?!

Good readers of iBC, this momentum is palpable…instead of being swept away into the gutter of the 2012 iBC Tabbed Blogger Election, I want to be a part of something historic, something truly “awesome and amazing”.

MAXIMUS, I look forward to your ridiculously stupid fucking posts that have absolutely nothing to do with the stock market.  Clearly, with your undeniable momentum into the final pre-election hours, the people yearn for a new iBC…one in which content and relevancy are eschewed for ridiculousness and idiocy.

BRAVO good sir, MAXIMUS, may you celebrate your landslide victory with a bucket of $2.00 Miller High Lives.  Turn the volume on the Carrie Underwood CD blaring on those PC speakers plugged into your discman to 10…and for God’s sake, don’t shit yourself.

My best to MAXIMUS!


18 Responses to ““ElizaMae”‘s iBC Tabbed Blogger Official Endorsement”

  1. Well played sir, well played.

  2. I’m thinking now Fly just wants to fire somebody in a humiliating Public Spectacle…

    “Rectemus Maximus”

    and BTW, do you trade Options?

    • re: options, yeah, it’s an ongoing process. I usually end up risking too much…and make stupid decisions (i.e taking on too much risk) more frequently.

      • too much risk..
        Like Buying Big Ticket Items for others before The Mayan (21st Dec) end of the World Extinction risk?

        I’d like to see a blogger here spend more time on Options myself, but that’s just me

        • No.

          I do simple long put/call stuff, so unless you set your risk to the premuim going to 0, it’s difficult to manage all of the variables that go into the pricing of an option to manage risk.

          Basically, my problem is going in and buying too many contracts trying to catch a quick mean reversion trade.

          It ends up going against me, and since I’m in the trade based on my expectancy to see price to retrace to the mean, I end up holding and the premium decays quickly.

          Next thing you know, I’m left holding a pile of shit.

          • hmm.
            I focus mainly on potential “buys” always scanning charts for that bottoming gem.
            Ok, a swing trader rarely changes his stripes,
            I only brought it up as I was looking over earnings reports coming up and spotted $ELRC
            TO ME, this looks like it might have legs going into the New Year and I’m considering….possibly taking a chance (limited) here

  3. lmao

    Well done. You summed up the Maximus campaign and its supporters nicely.


    We have orders to escort you to Gaul, where you will be executed.

  5. Look at these aristocrats mocking the greatest champagne in the world and you wonder why the people have turned

    • Mocking? We were busy drinking Natural Light and Busch Light into the wee hours at ElizaMae Campaign HQ over the last week.

      Living the “High Life” is merely beyond our means here in Western PA Coal Country, and we can only one day hope to aspire to such greatness.

  6. How can I not vote for you after this epic post. Best one yet.

  7. Hilarious. I voted for you I’m the first round and give you my continued support.


    Should we escort all of ELIZAMAE’s supports and ship them to Gaul to be executed too?

  9. Your post are to long and are full of “words.” We the people want ENTERTAINMENT not poetry. We the people want Maximus!!

    That being said, I hope you take second or at least get a spot even though you are clearly a communist. Good Luck!

    Rhino exposed:

    • Suggestion noted.

      Since I want to cater to each and every one of you in my audience, I’ll be sure to draw more pictures and use fewer words from now on.

    • Just before Rhino drops his dick in the dirt you can see Maximus dressed as a Park Ranger, binoculars and Walki-Talki supplying play by play action to the Off-Track betting crowd dropping Ruppees on the out-come(weirdHomo)

      Know doubt somebody went Long

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