The Semi-Pro Trader, Part I: Introduction


So you want to be a “trader”.

You see an eTarde (sic) commercial with that cool middle-aged guy, lounging in his loft “trading turret”, calmly placing trades in his business casual attire in front of his 3 panoramic widescreen monitors.  He pumps his fist after using their awesome “screening tools” to crush another trade and you think: “I can do this”.

Suddenly reality strikes: the familiar disappointed/incredulous look on your wife’s face flashes before your eyes.  Resigned to a life of mediocrity, you utter the following words to soothe the pain left by an unfulfilled yearning: “Shit, I already have a job, benefits, a family and consistent income.”

But the desire to trade is too strong with this one.

Sure, it seems bleak.  You hold fast to those dreams of waking up at noon, “being your own boss”, retiring at a young age, sitting in (separate) matching hot tubs with your partner and watching the sun sink into the horizon.

Fear not aspiring-office worker-trader-guy, all is not lost.  I am here to help you live the dream…the dream of working, getting paid to do that work all while spending the majority of your time on that which you are destined for…after all, this trading shit is EASY, anyway.

If you read my blog you recognize that I am clearly not an expert in very many things.  However; I have acquired certain skills that have suited me quite well.  Over these many “wonderful” years working in an office setting, I continue to try and perfect the art of ‘looking like’ a valuable and productive employee.  The key is managing that facade while spending the bulk of my time doing what I really want to be doing: namely, trying to figure out how to beat the stock market.

After practicing in a few different environments, I have the experience to be your guide through the murky waters of successfully managing the balance between work and trading.  Follow along with me as I address the topic (via a series of posts) and in no time your employer will be under the impression that you are the “hard-working, quiet” guy.

Look, anyone can sit at a desk, be a dick, and do whatever the fuck they want…but there is no beauty in that kind of behavior, there is no artful deception being employed.

The superficial goal is quite simple: optimize peer and superior opinion.  This is accomplished by doing enough…but not doing ‘too much’.  This is really a nuanced kind of thing that is dependent on your particular situation, therefore I intend to delve into this individual topic in a future post.

In the meantime, I want this post to instill hope in all those out there who think they have to give up the dream of someday trading from their bachelor pad loft (you traded the wife in for a younger more “open-minded” model after your 10th million).  Don’t sell your long sleeve white polo or your pleated khaki chinos on $EBAY just yet.

Looking ahead, the second installment in the series will focus on optimizing your office ‘atmosphere’.

Until then, my best to you all.


5 Responses to “The Semi-Pro Trader, Part I: Introduction”

  1. I think this is an excellent topic to broach, as some of us have to take real jobs in the intrim to build a massive trading purse.

    • Your post the other night were you were talking about managing trading, writing and your job got me thinking and led to this post.

      Now that I have a family, having someone pay for 75% of your “gold plan” health insurance is pretty fucking nice too. The best part is: I really like my current job…so 7-4 everyday is really fucking awesome.

      I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who are in a similar situation, so they can probably relate to some of my experiences. Hopefully, they (experiences) can be of value.

      Nevertheless, this is meant to be more of a satire/stream of consciousness kind of thing than a “users guide”…so we’ll see where it takes us.

      I have a framework, but I’m sure more shit will pop into my head as time goes on.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Looking forward to part 2.

    • Nice. Thanks for reading. I’ll probably do most of my writing for these on the weekend…but we’ll see.

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