Getting Gap Blocked!


I usually will do stock screening on a Sunday night to get set up for the week. I use the PPT and screens I built to look for ideas. I then discuss them with the Pelican Room in 12631. As I was screening it was becoming more and more clear that after the huge run over the past week, things needed to slow down. Various indicators (PPT Hybrid and others) were showing some caution was warranted. I went ahead with a full night of work anyway so that I would have some ideas should markets come in a bit.

Whenever I am looking to open positions I never want one thing: a gap up open. Gap ups distort pricing and can add a layer of noise to a pattern you may be looking at. Depending on your targets for a particular stock, a gap up can sometimes eat some or all of what you were looking to capture. Looking at my Twitter stream this morning I could see what was coming, a gap up open again.

I wait for the first half hour to pass when the market opens before I will get involved. When I took some time around 10am to look things over from my list, this was the first one I saw. CSOD (click charts for larger view):

CSOD came from a screen looking for buying accumulation. I liked the chart and was very interested. The stock opened up 15% or so and closed up 12% on the day. One day. Clearly there is something going on in this name and it’s run away before I could do anything. Gap blocked!

Last night in 12631 I highlighted a pattern I like to play when I see it. The stock TXI printed a monster wick on massive volume on December 11. When this happens many times price will migrate back to the limits of the wick (both up side and downside) so when I saw this one I knew I was going to be interested. TXI after today:

The stock closed up 6.4% just today! Gap Blocked! To be fair, if the wick play holds this name could run up to around $35-$36 so I am still interested in this one.

As if trading in this market did not demand the very best execution already, gap up openings make things that much harder. Over the course of the day the big morning gains were given back by the indices (though not these stocks) which added to frustrations all around.

Have a good night.

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  1. Thanks for the post, good info as always. Nice scans you’ve built BTW.

  2. They do work, be better if they worked a few days in advance….

  3. rando question:

    do u use chrome? i cant get freestockcharts to work in it… driving me insane

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