I have little regret


You may have read or heard something about me dropping out of this grande election.  The reasons given have been preposterous. I have no comment other then what is written below…

Understand something my friends.  One can not take care of his affairs nor have them, unless totaly on point. Given the fact that me being 40% on point is better by far then your average would be genuis running money. I still would not be content.

As I sit and type these words, I gave over the dark waters of kowloon bay from the Rombus hotel and have two thoughts only.

1. I paid a very good price for this here fine room. Shit was free.

2. What type of deer will I bring back. White tail, or yellow? White is correct. (right)


Other then that, all is well. WNC is very nice, VHC is very clean. SWHC has bottomed. You C what I mean?

Hang in there, I have more soon.




Chuck Bennett


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  1. Hi, Chuck
    Sounds like you are doing well & having a good time. I knew the reasons that people gave for your dropping out of the contest were jokes. But I was still wondering how you were doing & hoping you would still be in contact with us here sometimes.

    Great to hear from you. Have fun on your trip.

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