Is it Me, Or is It Getting Hot in Here?


I kicked out of CALL yesterday, uninterested in playing the numbers game. I do like BKS and might buy it back. I’m thinking the stock is worth more, maybe $28-30.

I have a lot of irons in the fire and definitely plugged in. We all go through ups and downs. Well, I am going through a very big up period now and I am leveraging it to establish new contacts.

I’ve been dabbling in the small cap space because I like niche. There is a certain intimacy when buying names like CIMT, UNXL, CLIR and PAMT. If you are shrewd enough to leverage your buying power into building relationships with the CEOs and other C level execs at these firms, you can benefit in a number of ways. From order flow to just getting a better feel for how the company is going are all important aspects in building a successful money management business.

All it takes is a phone and a little persistence, and of course the ability to communicate well with others.

I’ve been very hesitant about going all in because I am witnessing a lot of froth on the retail level. People who don’t know anything about stocks are getting aggressive again, always a sign of excess.

Even still, I like my niche plays, but will trade the beta. Meaning, I have my core positions. Then I have my trading positions. Let’s say my core position is 500,000 shares of XYZ and I add another 250,000 for a trade. I will sell the 250k whenever it reaches my price target or establishes a “liquidity event,” aka volume spike or news.

My top idea right now is CLIR. The volume isn’t there yet. But I am sensing there is a ton of institutional interest coming into a lot of these small cap names. These guys have huge upside. But, since the market is extended, be mindful that at any given moment the stock could pull back 10-15%.

Longer term, I like the stock to $16, then $20. I do believe it trades higher; but price targets are complicated and do not serve us well in the “now.”

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