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Bespoke tweets “AAPL is now down 19.49% YTD through the first 48 trading days of 2013. Its 4th worst start to a year (through 48 days) since 1983. 3 worse starts for AAPL were 1985, 1997 and 2008. Was down the remainder of the year in all 3 years.” <My take is that while Apple may have more downside ahead of it, it’s cheap enough to own some now, with a longer term time frame. And I do own some now, from $450.>

Bespoke blogs about Sector Relative Strength By Market Cap. Interesting Read.


BI blogs an absolutely worthless excerpt from a Richard Russell piece. Worthless.


Carl Icahn buys another 322,000 shares of HLF @ 41.45 average. Icahn/HLF


Barry Ritholtz blogs about JPMorgan sketchy shenanigans. Shenanigans.


UKarlewitz shares a chart reflecting on the number of days between 5% pullbacks since March ’09. Pullbacks.


Market Anthropology shares a new post regarding his bearish stance on Apple, Inc. Apple Picking.


After 5 days of riding its upper BB (std. dev 2), SPY has retreated from it. <I am expecting the market to pull in more>








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