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Pondering M&A Deals with a Wrinkle (and a Pop)

One portion of my note (details below) to members this weekend dealt with a certain sector (hint below) being ripe for M&A. Be sure to check it out.

Back with more ideas later tonight.

chessNwine’s Weekly Strategy Session has been published and sent out to members this week. I am confident that you will find this week’s version to be of tremendous value in your weekly preparations for the market. It is never too late to sign up at a very reasonable price, so please click here for more details about subscribing or even making a one-time purchase (the subscription plans offer much better value over time).

As a reminder, members of 12631 receive the Weekly Strategy Session at no additional cost, as it is included in their membership.


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Clarke and Dawe on Quantitative Easing

This one is from a few years back, but still good for a chuckle.

As an aside, note the move in NetSuite (N) on Friday, still trying to clear over $90–Well-defined horizontal resistance. Keep that one on watch this week.

What’s for Sunday breakfast, lunch, or brunch?


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Saturday Night at Chess Cinemas

teresa wright & dana andrews - the best years of our lives 1946

The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) is an excellent film portraying the lives of three World War II veterans who return home to find out their lives and people around them have become incredibly different.

Compared to Vietnam and the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts, WWII is widely seen as the “good war.” Regardless of your take on that, this film is unique in how it shows the fallout and post-traumatic stress seen even from that war.

In addition, the film is worth seeing due to the lead Fredric March’s performance as the memorable Al Stephenson.

This one swept up at the Oscars back in 1946, back when they meant something more.

Watch it.

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Audible at the Line of Scrimmage


I elected to move to 100% cash into the weekend, inside 12631, getting rid of everything, including my bond short with my main TBT entry in the $54-handle; I was fortunate to dump my TMKR long yesterday before today’s sell-off.

I took a few small losses in my MA short and recent short bond adds. I took off my REIT short basically for flat, and I closed out my AMZN SBUX shorts for the rest of those wins.

Sometimes, an audible at the line of scrimmage to wipe the slate clean and look for fresh entries next week makes sense when the market is flashing tons of mixed signals, as I believe this one is. Small caps are still quite weak, but dip-buyers are out in force in this afternoon in the S&P, Nasdaq, and bonds.

I wil give an objective look at the broad market over the weekend in my Weekly Strategy Session, available to 12631 Trading Service members at no additional cost. Be sure to check it out at a very reasonable price.

Have a great weekend and I will see you there!


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Slippery When Wet


The recurring theme of the $115.50 level on the IWM, small cap ETF, has helped us not get too bullish even on some of the more impressive comebacks by dip-buyers of late.

While I see we are off the lows of the session right now, the damage in the Russell 2000 continues to be a lingering issue for the market, despite how dismissive bulls have been of it.

Apart from that, BABA and YHOO, two of the prominent stocks today and this week, are slumping and throwing a wet blanket on the action.

Finally, regarding metals and miners, the bottoming thesis for many of them going back a year has more of less been negated–A good reason why we viewed trading them as short-term vehicles only until further proof of a major bottom confirmed.

Nonetheless, I am very proud of the plentiful winners that the 12631 Trading Service had in the likes of JNUG NUGT UGLD USLV over the past fifteen months or so.



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