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Late Night Strategy for Monday


Earnings are coming up this Tuesday morning for Walgreen Company, seen below on the daily chart, but barring an explosive move after the report I would keep this one on watch as a short setup to break below the highlighted descending triangle pattern underneath all major moving averages.

And on the long side, keep an eye on FB TKMR TWTR for further strength as triggers.

Drop me your top tickers overnight.



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Saturday Night at Chess Cinemas


I am going to re-recommend David Mamet’s The Spanish Prisoner (1997) tonight, since I think many of you have not seen it and are missing out on a real treat.

Here is what I wrote back in 2012:

From Wikipedia:

The Spanish Prisoner is a confidence trick originating in the late 19th century.[1] In its original form, the con-man tells his victim (the mark) that he is in correspondence with a wealthy person of high estate who has been imprisoned in Spain under a false identity. Supposedly the prisoner cannot reveal his identity without serious repercussions, and is relying on a friend (the confidence trickster) to raise money to secure his release. The confidence trickster offers to let the mark put up some of the funds, with a promise that he will be financially rewarded when the prisoner returns, and perhaps also by gaining the hand of a beautiful woman represented to be the prisoner’s daughter. After the mark has turned over the funds, he is informed that further difficulties have arisen and more money is needed. With such explanations, the trickster continues to press for more money until the victim is cleaned out or declines to put up more funds.

The Spanish Prisoner (1997) also happens to be wildly under-watched film written and directed by the great David Mamet, revolving around a modern-day variation of its namesake con game. The film is much more of an intellectual challenge and adventure than Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)  masterpiece, yet does not sacrifice that unique Mamet dialogue. In a supporting role, Steve Martin hits the high notes to compliment Campbell Scott as the lead. The cast also features some highly accomplished New York stage and character actors.

I believe the film was unfairly snubbed in 1997 by not being nominated for any major awards, especially Mamet for Best Original Screenplay. To add salt in the wounds, Titanic made a mockery of the Academy Awards that year as the Best Picture Oscar winner.



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Wi-Fi Installation on Airplanes


The following video is some behind-the-scenes information about the actual installation process relevant to firms like GOGO, as the old fleets of the major airlines slowly undergo wi-fi installation for in-flight internet access.

If you have any other ways to play this, feel free to list them in the comments below.

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The CPL Song

Nice late-day (and much needed) upside reversal in my long-term holding, CPL, which makes me think of the below song I memorized when I studied for the New York State Bar Exam back in 2006 (I passed on the first try amid some crazy circumstances that year). The song deals with New York State civil procedure law.

I will update you on that over this weekend.

Have a great weekend, and consider a 12631 or Weekly Strategy Session membership if you enjoy my work.

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