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Leave the Flights, Take the Ebola


Amid a whacky open to the downside, Ebola stocks are heating up again, or at least staying firm.

CMRX INO TKMR are on my radar on the long side.

And APT LAKE are trying to build out consolidations on daily charts now.

I still maintain the Ebola stocks can trade independently of the broad market. It has served us well inside 12631.

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Morning Note to 12631 Members

Apparently our chat room is malfunctioning again this morning. Thank you for your patience as our IT Department attempts to fix the issue.

Feel free to drop me your trading ideas, market thoughts, and other comments below.

Looks like a bloody open, as I sit in just about full cash and some soft commodities.

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The Annual iBankCoin Markets in Turmoil Special

Here is a two-part video presentation of the relevant issues which traders are facing in the current market. 

If you enjoy this presentation, then I would encourage you to please click on this 12631 hyperlink for more details about joining our great team of traders at a very reasonable price. 12631 is a trading service which @RaginCajun and I direct here at iBankCoin.

Direct Vimeo Link Part I. Click Here

Direct Vimeo Link Part II. Click Here

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Special Video Market Recap Later Tonight

After 7pm EST tonight, I will be doing a special “iBankCoin Markets in Turmoil Special” video presentation.

Please leave me any questions you may have below. I will try to get to as many as possible.

See you then.

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We Have a Sinner in the Crude Oil Pit

What a pounding for crude in recent weeks, especially today. Close to a bottom? Perhaps a brief one. But the damage has certainly been done.

Stay tune for some special video market analysis after the bell and later tonight…

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Leader of the Pack

I am back to being long coffee, inside 12631, as the monthly chart for the ETN looks as coiled as can be.

Soft commodities have been outperforming of late, perhaps seeing some rotation away from equities.

Let’s see how this thesis stands up to the market.

Either way, coffee has been leading the soft commodity pack.




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