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Five Stocks Getting Their Flu Shots This Year


Courtesy of The PPT algorithm, here are the most current top five readings from my “12631 RELATIVE STRENGTH” custom-made screen, identifying which stocks are exuding some of the best performances to the market at-large at any given moment.

I look for stocks whose Daily PPT Hybrid Score surges, while the Weekly Hybrid has been negative over the past week. This can often yield stocks which are emerging from consolidations.

Members can click here to view and save the screen.

Sorted for at least 500,000 shares of daily average volume to ensure liquidity.

Please click on image to enlarge.



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Rolling the Dice on the Lights


The heavily-shorted and badly beaten-down LED play CREE may finally be worth a look on the long side if it can clear $33, above.

On the daily chart, note the clear downtrend which has struggled at the 20-day moving average for a while now. A break above it would mark a short-term change in character for the stock and likely provide some type of relief.

Longer-term the picture is still ominous, especially given the GTAT(Q) action earlier this fall.




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It Takes a Real Dame to Be Long Ford and GM


F GM are weak this morning and continue to merit watching as short setups, seen on their vulnerable daily charts, below.

On the long side, recent IPO’s like RWLK still appear to be where the best momentum action is.

Natty gas is running away to the upside, while gold miners are outperforming the metal this morning.

What are you trading out there?





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Copper in Focus This Week


I have my eye on cooper this week, to see if the seemingly-forgotten industrial metal can put in a tradable low here.

FCX SCCO are the two main copper miners, both of which put in reversal candles on Friday after steep corrections lower.

In addition, I have highlighted a potential bottom in JJC, the copper ETN. A move over $37.50 makes the rally thesis a real possibility.



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Night Owl Open Forum


For you night owls out there, feel free to drop me any market/trading-related topics you would like me to cover in a weekend video.

In addition, anything else about the current market, feel free to drop below.

Speak your mind, night owls.

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Late Night Strategy for Monday


TUBE is another recent IPO play setting up as a long, provided that it can at least clear $16 above.  Note the bull flag pattern highlighted on the first daily chart, below.

And GES, the retail play, is a short setup if we see that 50-day moving average reject the recent snapback rally within the context of an established downtrend.

Drop me your top tickers overnight.





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