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Going Out on a Light Note


Late-summer holiday trading looks to be in effect, with very light volume and select action for individual traders.

TWTR finally got going today, which we are in on inside 12631.

I will discussed other ideas in my video market recap after the bell.

See you there.



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Make That Coffee to Go

I went long a starter position in the coffee commodity today, via JO, inside 12631.

With this in mind, as per our thesis from earlier this year, keep an eye on the likes of DNKN SBUX for sympathy selling if coffee sustains another rally.

Both stocks can be deemed short setups into weakness.





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Following the Drug Money

drug kingpin photo

Although the large biotechs may be extended and pausing today, money seems to be rotation down to small and madcap biotechs.

If that keeps up, keep an eye on Bluebird Bio over $38 and the pharma GWPH if it holds today’s breakout.

Both charts are technically sound and worth keeping on watch as long trading setups.





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Five Stocks Which Are Rare Catches Today


Courtesy of The PPT algorithm, here are the most current top five readings from my “12631 RELATIVE STRENGTH” custom-made screen, identifying which stocks are exuding some of the best performances to the market at-large at any given moment.

I look for stocks whose Daily PPT Hybrid Score surges, while the Weekly Hybrid has been negative over the past week. This can often yield stocks which are emerging from consolidations.

Members can click here to view and save the screen.

Sorted for at least 500,000 shares of daily average volume to ensure liquidity.

Please click on image to enlarge.



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Maximum Boom-Boom


It is interesting to see the major casinos continue to struggle here, namely CZR LVS MGM MPEL WYNN, even into what is effectively a market melt-up.

The weakness in casinos has largely been attributed to Macau and potential issues there. Nonetheless, in other spots in Asia the strength is palpable–Namely in Vietnam and South Korea.

For now, the major casinos still look like one of the few viable shorts in this tape which have not (yet) punished bears.

South Korean firms, such as POSCO (PKX), are on the watchlist for the long side, already a long-term investment idea of mine.

What are you trading this morning?


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Ready for Takeoff By a Southwest Airlines Good Ol’ Boy Pilot


We looked at one of my longs, JD, previously on the daily timeframe and spotted a bullish ascending triangle pattern.

Since then, the heavily-shorted China stock has mildly broken out.

But on the 30-minute chart, updated below, the stock has been basing tightly and looks like a Southwest airplane on the runway, with one of its famed cowboy pilots putting the plane into full throttle even before it makes the final turn to takeoff.

I am looking for $31.50, and especially $30.70 to hold below as support for the bull thesis to remain intact.




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