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Traders: Millions By The Minute

Traders Millions By The Minute | Season 1 Episode 1 | Full Episode

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Traders: Millions By The Minute takes a look at the fast and fiercely competitive world of financial traders and talks to the men and women who play the markets in London, New York, Chicago and Amsterdam.

Season 1, Episode 01
Manhattan hedge fund manager Karen thinks that money is power and as she deal with two sets of twins, a busy social calendar and her $200 million fund on a daily basis. Bob has spent over thirty years jostling for position on Chicago’s cattle futures trading floor, but now he believes that is could be time give up his “trading addiction”. Will and Piers use their expertise to train others in the art of making money from tiny moves in the markets in London.

Hat Tip to reader “t.c” for this link:


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  1. utility player

    unless they are swinging high with rope and double tapping with nail guns it aint real enough for me lol

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  2. JPMorgains

    Sweet, thanks Chess.

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  3. CatM

    Both parts 1 and 2 are on YouTube … Good BBC programs

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