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What’re You Doing with That Hammer?


The market came into many a bedroom this week holding a hammer. Question is, what is the market doing with that hammer, and who would be on the receiving end of it potentially in the coming weeks?

We still have quite a bit of technical damage in many prominent charts, including small and micro-caps, not to mention leaders like AMZN GOOG NFLX P PCLN YELP.

Nonetheless, biotechnology stocks and the likes of AAPL FB are proving tough to beat for eager bears without stop-loss discipline.

Be sure to catch my work over the weekend for more analysis, as we take these market issues in-depth in an objective manner, along with actionable trading ideas.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. UncleBuccs

    Like the NYPD found out, sometimes the hammer turns out to be a hatchet… Will be very interesting watching next week unfold.

    Have a good weekend, Chess. Really looking forward to the new WSS!!!

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  2. t.c.

    BBC’s Traders by the Minute. This is up your alley.

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