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Kicking Some Bear Game


I am testing out a short in the small caps as we speak, based on the 30-minute IWM support trendline breach, seen below.

Inside 12631, I am long TZA with a protective stop-loss below $15.70, though I may cut it sooner if proven incorrect.

Small caps still have major technical issues, from a long-term perspective. And the last few days of exuberant bouncing does not negate that damage.

Let’s see if bears can lean on dip-buyers here for a rollover.



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  1. Satter

    Are you still looking at a INTC short?

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  2. Danny1980

    My longs haven’t been hit hardly at all. Knock on wood meanwhile everything is red

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  3. michele

    thank you . and your entry ?This ETF need a lot of space for fluctuations… your IWM target short term ? Mi ricordo quello a medio lungo !GRAZIE

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