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Quick Bounce Plays

If you are looking for some (quick) support buys here, a good algorithm screen to have, courtesy of The PPT, is one I made called “12631 Quick Bounce Plays.”

In the screen, I am looking to isolate stocks with positive daily Hybrid PPT scores, but negative weekly ones.

Thus, they are ripe for a quick bounce as the momentum seems to be turning, if only for a bit. I also screen for PPT Relative Strength scores, as well as volume and % from 50 day moving average.

Members pleaseĀ click here to view and save the screen

Here are the readings as of Wednesday’s close. Remember, we are talking about short-term flips here, not high quality, multi-week swings. Keep those stop-losses in place.

(Click on image to enlarge)




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  1. thegametheorist

    looking to pick up BHI and MYGN. thoughts? IWM leading again, no way this drop holds.

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  2. Billy Cutting

    Lot of tempting charts on the short side right now, hard to be patient but I need to see that bounce first..once that happens I am pressing momo namely LNKD, FB, Z, and SBUX

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