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The Hot Summer Swimsuit Edition


I am seeing bull traps/false breakouts galore out there, in the likes of GTAT PANW, even FB.

In addition, many stocks such as DATA FEYE P SPLK TWTR YELP could easily be rolling over from failed rallies/lower highs, despite the bounces dragging on for months.

I moved to 100% cash yesterday inside 12631, announced on this blog, too, and am content to let this play out for now, though the short side sure is tempting.

We also day-traded UVXY for a win yesterday, but it is nice to see quite a few of our members decided to swing it overnight.

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  1. bear54

    Great call on the Airlines. Do you see weakness in Retail next?

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  2. ginfizzbear

    great pic/post

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