A Special Offer to Current and Prospective Annual Subscribers {UPDATED}



From now through Labor Day, we are running a rare promotion for annual subscribers to the 12631 Trading Service.

You do not want to miss out on this.

We will conduct a live lottery drawing on Labor Day, where the winner will receive $1,000, while the Second place winner receives $500.

{If you are an annual member to the other iBankCoin premium services, you will be able to have multiple entries into this lottery drawing}

EDIT: If you are an annual 12631 subscriber, We will assign you a raffle number. 

To summarize:

  1. Annual subscribers to our premium services can be entered into a lottery drawing on Labor Day;
  2. You receive one raffle number for each annual membership you have to our iBankCoin premium services;
  3. If you are not currently an annual subscriber but wish to be entered into the drawing, please contact Richard Kim to upgrade from your current monthly or semi-annual membership to an annualcustomerservices@ibankcoin.com;
  4. If you are not currently a 12631 member but have been debating it, now is the time to take the initiative and subscribe for a full year by clicking on this 12631 hyperlink.

6 Responses to “A Special Offer to Current and Prospective Annual Subscribers {UPDATED}”

  1. halloweenpleb

    before someone precedes me with this question:

    So is this Offer only for Annual subscriber?


  2. halleluiah i am of the unwashed tribe matey. was waiting for an entry point as will fit right in her, i think. been reading for months but keep finding treasures the deeper i dig arghhh. brings to mind a gift for the deep diggers out there, where all the treasures are, my 1 0 0 0 chester :

  3. Chess, does an annual subscription to the Strategy Session result in a lottery entry?

  4. where does one enter the Chinese Lotto…. aka WBAI?

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