Thursday, December 8, 2016
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The First Problem Has Been Solved


A quick update to my post on coffee yesterday, as the hammer candle is confirming higher today off the lower daily chart Bollinger Band of the ETN.

This is a good first step for coffee as it tries to knock out a lower range and potentially move much higher again after a great first quarter of 2014.

What are you trading out there?



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  1. superocean9

    Long: $JO, $DBA, $SGG, $GDX & $OXY

  2. Brian Dunn

    Long: AAPL, SCIF, BRF, SLV, TZA, PCYC & PLUG uggg!

  3. Keith

    Long $JO (can’t afford the volitility in $KC_F and long $PA_F