Sunday, December 4, 2016
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And Chess is Sayin’ “Whaddya Want from Me?”

goodfellas painting

You have to love this tape–One market goes one way, the other goes another, and…well, if you have seen Goodfellas (1990) you know the rest of the scene.

Actionable opportunities in silver, the miners, and coffee made our week inside 12631. Headed into next week, more actionable opportunities are for the taking.

Overall, though, I am very proud to report that we have suffered no major drawdowns in 2014 and for much of 2013.

Indeed, we strive to do just that, stay disciplined, inside our 12631 Trading Service, which @RaginCajun and I direct. I can assure you that a membership to 12631 is well worth its price over the long run.

The way we see it, the big winners will eventually take care of itself–What we care about most is mitigating downside and not being stubborn with losers, and not taking on unnecessary risks. In addition, we strive to preserve a top shelf, quality atmosphere for traders of all backgrounds. We fuse together actionable idea flow with a constant emphasis on proper risk management techniques in our streaming, Twitter-like, state of the art chat room.

Also, be sure to catch my next Weekly Strategy Session.

Please click here for details about joining. Please also note that members of our 12631 Trading Service receive the Strategy Session each weekend at no additional cost.

See you there.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Raul3

    LMAO yess chess

  2. halloweenpleb

    12631 is to the trader what confessional is to the catholic. An area where; venting/confession is made, stock advice/penance is given and profit/absolution is taken. Amen!

  3. Sooz

    Chess, here’s a follow up on a post of yours(no photo~shop). Pretty smart little scout..;)

  4. barca

    You comprehend hence substantially regarding this disorder, generated my family individually accept is as true via so many a number of facets. It is similar to people don’t seem to be included unless of course it is actually related to Young lady crazy! Your very own things awesome. All of the time take good care of up!