Friday, May 6, 2016
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Stock #Market Recap 02/12/14 {Video}

After a sharp, multi-day snapback rally, stocks largely paused today amid some bright spots in equities and other markets. I discuss those concepts and much more in the following video market recap. 

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Enjoy tonight’s video, and enjoy your evening. 

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    … nice recap, chess !
    If this trading gig doesn’t quite pan out for ya… I think you’ve got a bright future as an auctioneer !


  2. Grandma will be napping tomorrow not talking to congress. Without the headlines for the bots could see a flush for sure.

  3. looking at TWC, nice final 10 mins…

  4. Hey Chess,

    I’m a relatively new viewer but just wanted to say thanks for doing these videos. Really good wrap, super informative, and helpful.

  5. Great work, as always.

  6. Solid Chess, great work!