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Pounding the Table with chessNwine


This is a trade you just cannot miss!

Unlike some Halloween parties you may be attending this year, our gentlemen inside 12631 do not dress like members of an early-1990’s rap group, and our women do not use the holiday as an excuse to look like they are claiming a street corner outside the Lincoln Tunnel. We, indeed, have a terrific community of great traders from all backgrounds.

Our trading room 12631, will have a Halloween free trial. The free pass login will be offered tonight at midnight.

Be there, or be a tool.

Tip of the Hat to Henry Fool for the brilliant artwork.


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  1. pm

    is there a tutorial for using ppt as member of 12631?

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  2. zookini

    That’s generous I will definitely sign up.

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  3. TheOSU

    EXPE saves the day .

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