Sunday, May 1, 2016
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The Crash of 1929

For your educational and entertainment pleasure on this Saturday morning…

Originally produced in the mid-1990s, this film remains the most authoritative account of the Crash of 1929, and includes rare testimony from the people who worked on Wall Street at the time.

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  1. Good film,enjoyed it.Never could buy on that much margin.Poor Groucho.

  2. Thank you for sharing this.
    As a “piker” option trader, I’m all cash, no margin.

    They need to bring back the no-doc, just be breathing, mortgage loan. That would get things pumped up and. (mostly kidding)

    I overheard a commuter on the train taking about putting in a bid on another house, it was a HUD property at 110 K. Around here that would be in a very low end neighborhood. Might turn out fine, but realistically what is the trend of the neighborhood, and in slightly worse times that will be a 75 K house.

  3. meant to say
    …pumped up and get people going.

  4. Like the headline “13 million share session”. Now that’s just an HFT gone wild on CVX within a nanosecond on a Friday afternoon….

  5. When’s the next one? I can’t help but to think we just dodged a bullet in the recent past.

  6. RICK The real deal

  7. Belly of the Beast

    Thanks so much for posting that !

    Made the wife watch it too !