Trading Moods and Music



A very important topic that Joe Fahmy (@jfahmy) has mentioned before, and I think is extremely relevant and value-added for traders to consider, is listening to relaxing music during the day, if at all possible. Eliminating tension is key in not making big blunders.

Recall that brick-and-mortar casinos use every advantage they can (no clocks, no windows, color schemes of interior design) to adversely affect gamblers into making more reckless decisions. Thus, little things like choosing the right type of music to listen to during the day can be a huge benefit to you as a trader.

I prefer jazz and Rat Pack.

Which music do you find helps you best during the day? Feel free to chime in, below.

The following infographic fleshes out this concept (via)


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  1. Chess, I’m only hitting trades as a ham & egger, but in the spirit of sharing, the archive of WFMU’s “Downtown Soulville” is my ‘go-to’.

  2. Wow, UncleBuccs, that’s a mighty fine link there(bookmarked)..
    just great..

  3. Chess & Sooz – glad you both were ok with that one. Sharing personal tastes can be a gamble..

  4. All day, every day. For the win.

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