Friday, December 9, 2016
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How Marvel Became an Explosive Hollywood Franchise

Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009. I still love Disney as a long-term play, though I am expecting what has become a wildly overextended stock to unwind into Memorial Day and perhaps beyond, for a better entry point in the summer. 

Here is how Marvel assembled its cinematic universe. 



SOURCE: Empire


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  1. ultramarine

    Chess, thanks for this article. I think Marvel did an excellent job with casting for many of their films.
    Thor turned out better than I thought it would be, as the actors that played Thor and Loki did a great job.

    Iron Man 2 was the weakest movie in the saga to me.

    The X-Men series and Wolverine spin-offs have also been pretty good.

    Excellent move by DIS, will have to watch the stock’s movement in the future.

  2. charlie

    Interesting stuff.

    The comic book adaptations only work well when they put real talent behind the superheroes; Cage’s Ghost Rider is a joke. They did a good job repairing the Spider-man series though, hopefully we’ll see more moves like that. Gambit comes to mind as a character ripe for a 2nd representation in the X-men series.