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Gold Miners Headed Downtown

The strong selling in all things metals and miners today may very well be due to a commodity fund blowing up, but price is price. We know how oversold they are on daily timeframes, but weekly timeframes for the metals indicate more room to drop

Kudos to Downtown Josh Brown (@ReformedBroker), who disagreed with David Einhorn in November 2011 on the bullish gold miner thesis. 

In November of 2011 I came out extremely bearishly on the gold miners, a sector that I believe to be rife with some of the worst publicly traded equities in the entire market. Amazingly, it’s gotten much worse than I thought it could.

At the time, David Einhorn was buying the GDX and talking about the “disconnect” between the miner equities and the price of the metal itself. I explained this disconnect to David and I hope he listened (doubt he did lol)…

The thing you need to understand about the gold miners is that the levels of suckitude here are pretty much unparalleled in all of finance.  One of the most successful gold and gold mining investors in the world recently explained to me (off the record so I can’t say who) the following (I’m paraphrasing and there will be generalities here, live with it):  “Gold miners’ management teams are unique in that the C-level execs would be completely unable to run any other type of company if they were dropped into that position.  The chief guys and gals at Coke could probably manage Caterpillar or Costco once they’ve had the chance to familiarize themselves with the industry a bit.  You cannot say the same with gold miner execs.  The truth about gold miner people is that it’s the same guys being shuffled around from one company to the next – a mine or project doesn’t pan out and they simply move on to the next firm and start all over again.”

Gold mining stocks used to be thought of as “leveraged plays on gold”.  If that were actually true, these stocks would have done their job for investors over the last fews years as the price of gold has soared.  But these stocks have been moribund and awful, an unforgivable sin.  They’ve wrecked the opportunity for their shareholders through dilutive secondaries, insider sales and hedges.  $GDX is up from 56 to 60 since the first quarter of 2008, an absolute joke when you consider that the metal itself (look at $GLD) has doubled in value.  The failure of the large cap miners to capture that for holders is epic and should be a much bigger story.

Someone reminded me about this post today in light of the incredibly bad ongoing relative performance of the gold miners vs the rest of the market. For the hell of it, we ran the numbers since David Einhorn’s call and my response.  $GDX, an ETF comprised of the largest global gold companies, is down 34.3% since then.  The junior miners ETF, $GDXJ, has fared even worse, down a whopping 43.7%.


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  1. Sooz

    rapid deterioration..
    Einhorn kneeling before the porcelain thrown. Dry Heaving..for months

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  2. Sooz

    thrown under the bus..
    oopsa there.

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  3. Sooz

    It does seem so over done here therefore I did take position :
    Status Filled at $2.475
    Symbol MUX
    Description MCEWEN MINING INC COM USD0.10 ISIN #US58039P1075 SEDOL #B7F06Y9
    Action Buy

    *have traded this with a bit of success in the past which means absolutely nothing in the scheme of things.

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  4. Sooz

    watching closely^
    nice move this am..

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  5. Sooz

    Einhorn has undoubtedly made up the difference. Ackman ,on the other hand(?)
    I almost feel sorry for the guy. So much more than rapid deterioration there.

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