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The Affable Pandora

I am reticent to call Pandora a hated company in the way that Facebook is. Pandora seems to be infinitely more affable (see below) in the sense that many investors love using the custom-made music radio stations online. This, of course, is in stark contrast to the often-irritating experience of logging into Facebook or watching CEO Zuckerberg’s natural awkwardness.

Nonetheless, those same traders/investors who love using the Pandora service swear they will never buy the stock. They believe the company is doomed with no business model. I am not interested in debating those fundamental issues in this post.

What I will say, though, is that the price action has been showing signs of life since last November.

The stock has recently rallied up to the $12.50 (since tagging $7.08 last November) resistance zone, dating back to last May 2012 as being a brick wall. I expect a pause around here, and would not chase it right now. But I would certainly be stalking on an orderly consolidation to play for an eventual big breakout. Sentiment sure seems to be in place for the bulls to leave the station with many missing the train due to rigid notions about the company.

While Pandora is an affable company to many, it is also hated stock.

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Freelance Ghostwriter – the word for the day is affable.

According to Webster’s: from the Latin affabilis; pleasant and easy to approach or talk to; friendly; gentle and kindly.

Adjective form: affable; noun form: affability; adverb form: affably.

Usage: from the Wyatt Earp Screenplay starring Kevin Costner as Wyatt Earp, when Wyatt tells Ed he is basically too passive and friendly to be a lawman.

Ed Masterson: I’m just saying I believe I could’ve talked those guns off him.

Wyatt Earp: If I were you, I’d look for another line of work. Politics, maybe.

Bat Masterson: Ed’s got a different style is all, Wyatt. People like it.

Wyatt: You could get killed in this line of work, Ed. You could get people around you killed. This is a harsh land, Ed. It doesn’t suffer fools.

Ed: I’m not a fool, Wyatt.

Wyatt: No, you’re not. But you’re not a deliberate man, Ed. I don’t sense that about you. You’re tooaffable.

In that movie? Ed gets shot, trying to take the guns off of someone, being affable, and Wyatt was right, Ed got killed.

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