Party at the Old Man’s House!


As far back as the late-summer of 2010, I have been profiling the increasingly good broad market “tell” that Berkshire Hathaway’s stock has become. The fact is, Buffett and Munger’s empire of businesses have indeed become more economically-sensisitve in recent years, making it a sound gauge of coming big moves overall.

Since then, I have done periodic updates of Berkshire’s stock, namely the massive symmetrical triangle which we observed for quarters on end. As you can see below on the updated monthly chart, Berkshire has clearly resolved higher and is closing in on all-time highs. While certainly overbought short-term and due for a correction, and those highs above $150,000 could easily cause some friction, I do not see much evidence to call a major top here.


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  1. BRKB 100 roll !!! Holding baby. Thanks Chess as always.

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