Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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GE Brings a Good Chart to Life

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Let’s look at a quarterly chart of the all-American conglomerate General Electric, dating back to when the above jingle was known in every household from sea to shining sea.

Clearly, the $21.65 up through $23 price zone proved to be a significant one for at least the past twelve years. GE benefitted from the dot-com run-up to conclude last century, and also received a good beating during the 2007-2009 bear. Bailout and corporate tax talk aside, the dust has now settled for this stock and the issue is whether it can stage the big breakout here.

You might argue the stock is building a bull flag on this ultra-long timeframe since last September, just under major resistance. Why is this area so critical? It marked major support in the 2002-2003 bear market bottom, resistance in 2011, and resistance once again since last autumn.

The stock has clearly been in a secular bear of its own since 2000. So, it may not be ready quite yet. But I will let the market make that call. I am simply looking at the $23 level on the upside, expecting a move to $35 if triggered.


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  1. flyaway18

    Not that it matters, but there’s insiders buying in the $21 range.

  2. The Plumbers Crack
    The Plumbers Crack

    Back in the bubble days I bought GE @45ish, and rode it down to the mid 20’s and finally capitulated.
    I own it now from 19.80 and would loved to see 35!
    Thanks for giving me hope!

  3. Greekpunk

    Chess, quick question: How do you arrive at $35 on a break above $23? Just trying to understand the methodology. Thanks!

    • chessNwine

      Two factors–The first one is the significance of the price levels, if broke, would likely be the catalyst for a big move given pent-up demand. Next, there is a ton of price memory up at $35 from 2005-2007. It is likely the first major target for a breakout.

  4. Bozo on a bus

    I worked for GE for a few years in the early 90s, when Jack Welch still ruled the place. GE was the only company I ever worked for (out of more than 10) where I knew the name, title, and job function of everybody in all seven levels up to CEO – no matrix management, no dotted lines. For all his faults, Jack planned and developed a great management culture. Much less BS than many places. GE has survived 120 years, they must be doing something right.

    BTW, I remember the commercial, but Sylvania made better light bulbs.

  5. Tpain

    There is a monster volume pocket over 23 and it goes to about 35. Nice find Chess.