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Saturday Detox: Steer Clear of the Norovirus Strain

It looks like that nasty Australian stomach bug made its way to America. As far as a way to play it, I believe the Purell Hand Sanitizer brand is now private again, after JNJ sold it in 2010. If you have any ideas, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

In the meantime, enjoy these Saturday infographics:

via visual.ly and Brett Miller


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  1. one of those f***t*** twitter followers
    one of those f***t*** twitter followers

    I understand that hand sanitizer is not particularly effective against this, but people are going to use it anyway, and it must be better than nothing. Soap and water are the best, but I washed hands till red and cracking and still got it. Ripped through our six-person family one by one. It’s so contagious it’s hard to avoid it if you live among people at all (move out to hut in Montana wilderness? Hmmm… there’s an idea.)

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  2. Frog

    Some possible flu related stocks, courtesy of a friend of mine on on another board are:
    bcrx, heb, sva, nvax, gnbt, and cbst which some say is really not a flu stock per se but may be bought like oe. There’s also dvax and apt which make the flu masks people wear. Evryone do your own DD of course.

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