Dinosaurs Coming Back to Life?


Here is another look at the monthly chart of Microsoft, which I presented late last year. Note the breakout and perfect retrace, or throwback, to the resistance trendline. If this breakout has legs, I expect bulls to arrive impressively in the next week or two.

It should be obvious that Microsoft is past its fast-paced growth cycle in the 1980’s and 1990’s. However, we are going on twelve-plus years of sideways consolidation now. I do not expect all-time highs anytime soon. However, a run into the $30’s is attainable if this throwback holds true.


11 Responses to “Dinosaurs Coming Back to Life?”

  1. I think I know that place. Is that off I-65, near Bowling Green?


  2. Not happy with you using “dinosaur” as a pejorative, here.


  3. Interesting seeing your take on MSFT from a technical viewpoint. I agree it’s worth a look. Very bearish sentiment on MSFT: many think it’s dead money basically forever. And it’s on Eddy Elfenbein’s buy list for 2013 – http://www.crossingwallstreet.com/buylist. It wouldn’t be there if the fundamentals weren’t good.

  4. Thanks Chess. Are you a buyer ?

  5. Microsoft blows and this is the reason~

  6. […] Microsoft is suddenly becoming a chic mega cap old tech play again. As far back as January, though, we were on watch for that monthly chart holding a retest of its decade-long breakout (see this post). […]

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