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Facebook Trying to Lead Like AJ McCarron

The BCS National Championship game last night was over within the fist minute or so. I still think Bob Diaco (Notre Dame’s defensive coordinator) is one of the more astute coaches I have seen in a while, but last night was just a complete dud on all levels for the Irish. True, the officials made two terrible calls in the first few minutes, but the way that Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron developed into a true leader and solid QB over the past few years saw him on top of his game on the biggest stage. Oh yeah, and NFL-quality offensive line and running backs doesn’t hurt either…

McCarron took over the leadership role after Alabama graduated several first round NFL draft picks from last year’s championship team.

With that in mind, turning to the Nasdaq we can see that Apple has been slumping for a while now. Just as with McCarron and Alabama, my current holding Facebook is attempting to take over the leadership role. I avoided Facebook for the first six months after it IPO’d last year, but now the chart has taken on a discernible structure. The stock had a low volume pullback to close out 2012, and is now threatening a move through $30.

I have some cushion on my holding here, and have been patient with it. It will be curious to see if Facebook can truly become a leader, despite (or perhaps because of) being a hated stock and company at this point.


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  1. Zero Dark Kitty

    Hyman Roth in Godfather II:

    “I enjoy watching football in the afternoon, one of the things I enjoy about this country; baseball, too”

    Seriously, it’s a shame we can’t find ways to get every young man and woman in this country involved with activities and mentors to build body and mind as we see in college sports.

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  2. elizamae

    I completely underestimated how good Alabama’s offensive line was. They tossed around Notre Dame defenders like they were carnival “little people”.

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