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Even Bottom Dwellers in China Popping Up

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The FXI (ETF for China) finished last week in the green to put icing on what has been a tremendous run since September. Logically, you would think the high beta emerging markets would get sold hard in the midst of a sudden Fiscal Cliff panic, coupled with persistent weakness in the likes of Apple.

Instead, Chinese stocks continue to trade in their own world.

Even beaten-down Baidu, which has been in a seventeen-month downtrend, may be setting up for a long here. Note the weekly chart below (the first one), indicating a pullback to the 200 period weekly moving average. That is a major, very long-term reference point that had not been tested since early-2009.

However, that alone is not enough to justify a long. Instead, looking at the daily timeframe on the second chart, you can see a pretty clear-cut inverse head and shoulders bullish setup for a bottom. I would wait for a move above $103 to trigger a rally up to roughly $116.



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  1. Sooz

    How much do you want to bet that dude over at The Street subscribes to your weekly newsletter, great idea(s) and analysis within..,Chess.
    Posting article today..hmmm? I just happened to catch it as I rarely go to those pages.

    *lights out over @ pickr..maybe they have finally put it out of misery.
    Damn me for being such a creature of habit.

    I did start a position this am

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  2. Sooz

    lights back on..wallowing in misery.

    most fun ever these past 3yrs

    *not referencing Bidu^ ..no position

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