Hewlett-Packard: Value Trap or the Best Post-Christmas Bargain Out There?


Take a moment to read or re-read this post and comments section from November. HPQ was trading at $11.70, back down to levels not seen since the post-Dot Com crash.

Currently, Hewlett sits at $14.12 after a nice snap back. The issue is whether we have just witnessed a mere oversold bounce destined to fail, or if HPQ truly is (still) a great value down here. Even if it is the former scenario, note how price does indeed have memory. The straight-line move down “into the mattresses,” as I like to say, offered a high probability reversion to mean setup.

Now comes the hard part. Is that monthly hammer-like candlestick printed in November proving to be the bottom?

Feel free to weigh in below.


3 Responses to “Hewlett-Packard: Value Trap or the Best Post-Christmas Bargain Out There?”

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  2. What part of their core business is still working? With consumer devices trending to tablets, I think their PC business is melting away. What does that leave? Printers, calculators, and servers? I don’t see a lot of high-growth potential there.

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