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Coming Back to Netflix

Perhaps you missed the Christmas Eve drama between Amazon and Netflix. I will come back in a bit with updated analysis of my long-running series of blog posts about Netflix, and how using the monthly logarithmic scale charts is appropriate. Below, you will see an updated monthly chart of Netflix with an old note. The stock went as low as $52, and with the recent move higher we must consider if the stock has put in a good low.

According to The Wall Street Journal,

Netflix Inc. said its streaming video service was hit by an outage as a result of problems at Web service provider Amazon.com Inc.

Netflix is down for some customers this Christmas Eve, thanks to an outage of some of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure,” the company said on its Twitter account.

A Netflix spokesman added that the outage stretched “across the Americas.”

Amazon’s status Web page for its Internet and cloud-computing services acknowledged there were problems out of its Northern Virginia region



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