The Austerity Dictionary


Great stuff by Brian M. Lucey over at his blog here. Below is just a sampling… (H/T Ritholtz)

This started out as a little crowdsourced joke on Twitter, with the hashtag #austeridictionary (note the spelling). A link to the ongoing discussion/madness is I used SearchHash to collate the hashtagged tweets, into a CSV folder, which I  then cleaned up in Excel. Its a bit of fun, but also like all good satire has a bite. The words we use are important.

4: amount by which BBC salaries are multiplied to get equivalent levels at RTE
52:  Typical age at which senior civil servants are entitled to retire on fat pensions
AAA: austerity anonymous ahoy
Acting the Cowen: To deny that a bailout happens when it’s inevitable, and more than likely, it happens the next day.
Adjustment: Deflation
Adjustment= gov process of deciding who gets to live and die, while gov feathers its own nest.
AIB: Anglo Irish Bank Light
AIB: Another Irish Bailout
AldiLidl (n) : A grocery depository used in place of a Superquinn in lean times.
Alivestock= people for export to foreign lands (21st century replacement for slavery).
an Anglo: an obscene but unquantifiable amount : that will cost you an Anglo to repair is say.
Anglophiles: Former c-suite executives of Anglo Irish Bank?
Another Mass, Is there anything to be said for saying  : Economic recovery policy as outlined by Dana.
Arseterity (noun) a pain in the arse brought on by austerity.
ATM  :symbolic, totemic, device used as rallying call to pacify & direct population cf.  The ATM’s will stop working
ATM : a three letter word, preceded by the phrase ‘no money in the’ used to frighten the bejaysus out of Joe Soaps
Austere a Tea: Bitter, acidic and putrid drink consumed by the Irish for generations to come


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