Friday, December 9, 2016
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Hewlett-Packard: Value Trap or the Best Black Friday Bargain Out There?

HPQ is back down to its 2002 post-dot-com bear market lows. Is it a deep value or a value trap down here?

Weigh in, in the comments section please.


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  1. mrkcbill

    Do U mean Packard Bell

  2. elizamae

    I suppose that would represent a significant level of support, but I would stay the hell away from this. Knife catching is not my thing.

  3. Toronto Trader

    When it comes to value you need to look at the business. The PC business is a dying breed. Most people want tablets etc.

  4. jimmy_two_times

    saw a commercial for the Envy x2. Neat alternative.

  5. chivo

    oh come on!!!!

  6. Hugh (@CoonCatt)

    HPQ has been a sell for 3 years …

  7. klaus

    remember Thornberg Mortgage