Hewlett-Packard: Value Trap or the Best Black Friday Bargain Out There?


HPQ is back down to its 2002 post-dot-com bear market lows. Is it a deep value or a value trap down here?

Weigh in, in the comments section please.


12 Responses to “Hewlett-Packard: Value Trap or the Best Black Friday Bargain Out There?”

  1. Do U mean Packard Bell

  2. I suppose that would represent a significant level of support, but I would stay the hell away from this. Knife catching is not my thing.

  3. When it comes to value you need to look at the business. The PC business is a dying breed. Most people want tablets etc.

  4. saw a commercial for the Envy x2. Neat alternative.

  5. oh come on!!!!

  6. Hugh (@CoonCatt)

    HPQ has been a sell for 3 years …

  7. remember Thornberg Mortgage

  8. […] a moment to read or re-read this post and comments section from November. HPQ was trading at $11.70, back down to levels not seen since the post-Dot Com […]

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