POSITION SIZING: Your First and Last Line of Defense in Risking Your Capital


Below is a video that I made for 12631 Trading Service members during the intense 20% market correction in the summer of 2011, delving into detail about the hugely important (but rarely discussed) topic of position sizing in your portfolio. It is crucial to study and practice good position sizing. 

Later this weekend, I will have an updated video discussing other trading concepts to consider during corrective periods in the market. For now, I hope this gets the ball rolling as either an introduction or a refresher on the matter.

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6 Responses to “POSITION SIZING: Your First and Last Line of Defense in Risking Your Capital”

  1. Thanks again for reminding all of us about this simple yet very important concept which I personally tend to forget quite easily !!!

  2. Thank you! Your thoughts on this topic are appreciated.
    On a related note, can you share something about dealing with correlation and multiple positions?

  3. great video chess. good stuff

  4. Thanks Chess been looking for more and more information on this subject, although it seems particularly hard to find information on options regarding bankroll management

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