Don’t Forget India on the Emerging Market Train


With the recent rally in China, the overall strength in India should not be forgotten. The sexy China and Brazil analysis often upstages India on the BRIC/emerging market front. However, the updated weekly chart of the Bombay Sensex below indicates a continued massive cup and handle setup. Just as important is the clear outperformance to the U.S. markets since September.

Consider HDB as one way to play the strength in India.



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  1. Funny you mention India earlier saw their biggest car marker Tata Motors $TTM flash a golden cross signal today.

  2. Although there are a number of Indian stocks that are very familiar to the US, like RDY, Dr. Reddy’s Lab, my preference is the ETFs. IFN and EPI are the ones I own, both have performed similarly recently.

  3. Chess, not really a techie guy, but shouldnt the cup be a little smoother, alomost saucer like, for the cup and handle?

    Comment would be appreciated

    • Yes, fair point. Not a textbook cup & handle. I suppose the larger point is that India has performed very well since the summer and especially has consolidated well since late-2010 under all-time highs.

  4. […] is an Indian bank I profiled, along with the Bombay Sensex in general, in this blog post two months ago. This stock is several points higher now, but is only today emerging from a falling […]

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