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Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back, Two Steps Forward…

Inside the 12631 Trading Service, we have been expecting this type of price action based upon our interpretation of this market continuing to be in correction. Each weekend we discuss strategy at length for the coming trading week, considering all the angles and assessing the highest probability scenarios. After the initial leg down in a correction, there is a tendency to see a snapback rally followed by extremely grueling price action. One day the bears lose their shirts, the next day the bulls, which is exactly what we have seen. Ultimately, protecting your capital is the best strategy as technical bases are presumably being built.

In addition to having a talented and eclectic group of traders in our state of the art chat room, 12631 the best place on the internet to block out the damaging noise and focus on winning strategies and decision-making. Instead of trying to always find the next hot tip, our members are refining their discipline and are not only surviving in this business, as many traders are merely trying to do, but they are thriving in 2012.

Come see us for yourself, by clicking on the 12631 hyperlink for more details about joining.

Back with the video market recap after the bell.

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