Flexible Enough to Leg Back In



Nice move this afternoon on the indices. Probably worth putting out some “feeler” longs here to see if they can withstand the initial test. There ain’t no free ride in the fast line in this market in April, though perhaps the tide is turning. Here is where agility is important to an individual trader, flexible enough to hop back in (and back out if necessary).

4 Responses to “Flexible Enough to Leg Back In”

  1. leftcoasttrader

    If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.


    Oh right, risk reward seems pretty good here as well…good call.

  2. Chess your pictures are amazing (saying that without disrespect your awesome market analysis) everytime i read a post of u i’m wondering what pic u’ll find to add =]

    thanks for the fun u supply and once again great analysis.

  3. you know I’m shaking my head here..oh sheesh.

    pretty flexible, alright..

  4. (speechless)

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