Friday, December 9, 2016
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Saturday Night at Chess Cinemas

Regardless of whether you like to drink wine, be sure to check out Sideways (2004), starring Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, and Virginia Madsen. I consider it one of the better-made films of last decade, a solid comedy with compelling characters and themes. It almost reminded me of a film from the 1990’s, back when big screen actors and filmmakers actually took pride in developing characters and a story, rather than obsessing over 3-D special effects.



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  1. Celeste

    Thomas Haden Church and Sandra Oh were my favorite. Although I take offense that it’s not in Napa. 🙂

    • Blind Read Ant

      While I take offense at your Santa Barbara snipe, I won’t get too persnickety. Then again, I feel quite at home in Santa Rosa (Sonoma’s my vibe).

  2. Lurker

    Like Swingers, but for an older crowd. Love this movie. “I am not drinking any fuckin’ merlot!”

  3. cdude

    Completely agree with comment on character development. Also give credit to this film for NOT falling into the trap of glamorizing the setting. Real characters in down to earth eateries and homes. Very compelling when combined with superb acting. Outstanding film.

  4. charlie

    Chess Cinemas category = solid