Miners Still Lying


“What is the definition of a gold mine? A hole in the ground owned by a liar.” -Mark Twain

The gold miners have been notably underperforming the bullion as of late, and now that the metal is unraveling we are seeing gold miners continue to face selling pressure. Similarly, the silver miners like EXK PAAS SLW have seen failed breakouts over the past few days. While these names are not necessarily easy shorts, they at the very least need more time before seeing a true breakout. In other words, the miners are still lying.


5 Responses to “Miners Still Lying”

  1. Mark Twain was wise.

  2. Miners break your heart.

  3. Hatahs gotta hate.

    No hate if you own SLW from $3.


  4. lol,there all lying in wait

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