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You Want Action?

I’ll give you an idea for action. The McClatchy Company is one of these “left for dead” newspaper businesses (they own the Miami Herald, e.g.). Roughly half of the float is short, and the chart recently printed a hammer after prior steep downtrend. Today, we are seeing modest upside confirmation in the form of an inverted hammer. If you are looking for a high beta squeeze play, I like this idea with a stop below $1.50.


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  1. mrkcbill

    Holy shit….they own KC Star…..if that doesn’t get the blood flowing.
    Reminds of other great KC, names YRWC $S … thank God for Cerner and Garmin or we would be going way of Flint, MI

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  2. peeb

    ok i’ll take a tiny nibble. they’re a loser company in a dead end industry but hey maybe they’ll still make money for another year. P/E 4.61 P/Book .65 ? i’ll throw down a couple grand. bought for 1.65, sell limit 1.99 , stop market 1.49 roll them dice!

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