Monday, December 5, 2016
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More Retail Therapy


With LULU and UA leading the charge higher in the apparel space of the retail sector, I think you will find that there are quite a few other plays setting up behind them. Here are six ideas with price triggers noted on their respective charts below. Also note that many of these retail names have heavy short positions and are prone to juicy squeezes. Finally, respect the earnings calendar and check regularly throughout the season for individual holdings.







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  1. chivo

    Probably the center one, however the last one is a bit concealed and could surprise to the upside….

    …I am not talking about charts, here.

  2. superrfly

    I third that – center one

  3. chessnwine

    @Dom: Well played with the contrarian bet.

  4. RocketScientist

    centers smile shows too much gum.
    right looks a little skanky.
    so I vote left.

  5. TeahouseOnTheTracks

    I’ll take the one on the far right … could be into teabagging.

  6. Captain Experience
    Captain Experience

    Far right has demerits for the following:

    It’s obviously her shopping bag as her friends are peering into it = you’ll be funding all kinds of expensive trips to the chic shops & salons for her to maintain her sense of worth & confidence.

    Plus she has her hair dyed a reddish, chestnut color that is simply unrealistic, which shows she potentially has unrealistic expectations for any guy she meets. This shows she’s potentially very needy. Also, she’s a bit too flat chested to justify the aforementioned. (Pass)

    Middle has potential, but the streaks of blond hair raise the red flag a little bit, as it shows a degree of ditziness that is potentially untenable. She’s probably going to be the most down to earth of this triumvirate.

    She looks like the type who could be fun at a baseball game or at a family gathering. She looks like she’s got some Latino blood in her so she’s probably a firecracker in the sheets. (A definite maybe for a mid term, stepping stone type of relationship)

    Far left:

    Now this gal is interesting. She’s either Greek or Italian, which likely denotes large and close family ties = this is the marrying type if you’re at that stage of your life & you’re ready for that kind of commitment.

    This gal will likely be somewhat spunky, rather spirited and relay her feelings & expectations rather straightforward = “do what I tell you and want or I’ll either dump your ass, lop your nuts off, or make your life so miserable that you’ll wish you never met me”

    Final Summary: Gal on far left is the best choice if you’re serious about settling down. She’ll have friends and large family to lend support, and she’ll be faithful. Far right will spend all your money, for sure – nothing more need be said. Middle gal is a decent mid term, transitional relationship situation.

    • Jakegint

      They are all Hispanic, and I’m going to bet this was taken from some sort of Hispanic publication that caters to young affluent women.

      Girl in the middle is the only one who would get a second look from a modeling agent, sorry fellahs. Right is just ugly, and the left’s features are too small. “Cute” and “perky” probably smart too.


  7. Chris

    Chess, no stock comments yet, so I guess you don’t have any female followers (or they are all lesbians).
    I’m not picky, so I would be content with any of the 3 girls, or all of them (in my dreams, I know).

  8. Highsurf

    On GIII, didn’t you mean 39?

  9. Yogi & Boo Boo

    FWIW – left, without a doubt.

  10. Nicola

    I rented some VFC – fun trade thanks