Monday, December 5, 2016
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The Cricket and Handle Pattern


Fresh off their Cricket World Cup win over Sri Lanka, India’s stock market appears set up in the coming weeks and months for another victory. As you can see on the monthly chart of the Bombay Sensex Index below, we are looking at a massive, multi-year cup and handle bullish formation. To be sure, 21,000 is the key level on the upside to watch. On the downside, you’d like to see 17,000 hold as a line in the sand to keep the “cricket” and handle pattern intact, if it even comes to that.  I have also included the charts of several high beta India ADR’s that are worth watching.

As I detailed last evening, the ideas are always flowing inside the 12631 State of the Art Chat RoomBig Hat Tips to 12631 Members: @The Idiot @thewife @spinner for the great India ideas.





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  1. Darkmatter

    …timely piece, especially after Buffett recently toured the region looking for acquisition targets. Another one to watch is INFY.

  2. GYSC

    Some nice looking ideas, thanks all.

  3. omen

    INFY waaaaaay too gappy for my newbie tastes… 🙂

  4. Nicola

    I think you mean wicket and handle. Sigh. You are American so forgiven.
    Great analysis 😉 and some nice ideas, I have only done the nifty before.

  5. Geomancy

    Nice, thanks. Personally like TTM too