Call a Toad “a Toad”


I believe people want to do the right thing. I believe people will go out of their way to do so.

I believe people have different definitions of “the right thing,” thus leading to our current differing opinions.

But I believe people also recognize when they are wrong. Maybe they need to go through the steps, but eventually recognition of failure bubbles to the top.

Baner/Boner/Boehner has failed. He actually failed a few weeks ago. Tonight he risks physical removal. Considering we are so close to a Lehman event – one which will likely be called a “Boehner event” – I expect him to totally cave tomorrow. This debt ceiling bit is running on fumes and Boehner’s Republicans lost big time.

I mean, Dick Fuld can suffer; the man made a fortune and can hide somewhere. Boner? What’s he gonna do, hide in a shack in a corn field in Ohio? God Bless, let him live with the crows. If the man wants to stay in Washington, the first press release tomorrow is conciliation.

Let’s be clear. He is in the House. Of course his view/bill will be hen-pecked first. It originates in the House. If you’re gonna pick a fight with the Prez from the House, you need your ducks lined up. Clearly his ducks weren’t lined up. Therefore, unless Boner becomes Baner’d to an Ohio cornfield, this whole thing resolves tomorrow.

If it does not, I will throw every dollar I own into an OTM TNA put at tomorrow’s close. Either way, I will be done trading by next week.

2 Responses to “Call a Toad “a Toad””

  1. TeahouseOnTheTracks

    Yes, Mr Toad is croaking on his tea ….

  2. You expected this to be resolved today?… come on, you know they are going to stone wall it until the 11th hour. Thre is still an entire weekend ahead of us available for more drama. It can’t be over yet. But they will get it done.

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