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Batter Up

I know it’s still frackin’ football season, but baseball been berry berry good to me. It happens to be my favorite sport. So, I’ll use my poetic license and hit you with a baseball metaphor.

This morning I took a swing at 10 low priced small cap names, mainly because I need something to do, and I’m getting antsy. I enjoy “jumping the gun”, then banking large rolls of coin and bragging about the wins, humbly mind you.

If I’m wrong, you won’t hear a peep from me, of course. SOP. But, I’m placing a bet (albeit small) on a continuing rally.

That said, I bought:

BLC @ $1.93

LSE @ $2.34

CPF @ $8.74

FOE @ $7.53

FBN @ $2.75

GKK @ $1.24

LZB @ $2.65

MNI @ $1.77

SYNA @ $17.71

VRS @ $1.34

Yeah these are sucky, but sometimes you just gotta step outside the coveted bunker with 3 ft thick walls, and expose yourself to hostile fire—for s&g’s.

Carry on….

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